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SPECTRUM ASC-MED specializes in the diagnosis, therapy and education across the age range in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), frequently defined as autism. We collaborate with the leading autism and medical centers in the world. We diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children, adolescents and adults. We develop new diagnostic tests, computer-based therapy and educational programs together with the world-renowned experts in autism. We conduct scientific research. We train medical doctors and other professionals who work with patients with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Agnieszka Rynkiewicz


Agnieszka Rynkiewicz, MD, MAT, PhD is Associate Professor at Department of Psychiatry, College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow in Poland. Received her MD and the Residency Training in Psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry, Medical University of Gdansk (MUG) and Clinical Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Gdansk, Poland. She earned her PhD in Psychiatry from MUG and completed the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) in USA. Additionally she holds MAT in Special Education from Seattle Pacific University in USA. She is internationally recognized certified ADOS-2 trainer, is certified in ADOS-2, ADI-R, BOSCC, BOSA and STAT™. She is the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Global Senior Leader for Poland, is the Founder and Senior Leader of ECHO Autism Poland. Her interest includes the neurodevelopmental disorders, sex/gender differences in autism (ASD) and ICT-based solutions to the standardised assessments in ASD. Her research focuses on autism (ASD) in females, with the most recent work on midlife and menopause, neuroendocrine systems and reproductive hormones with subsequent health trajectories across cardiovascular and autoimmune conditions particularly in neurodivergent populations.

Agnieszka Rynkiewicz, MD, MAT, PhD

Additional credentials:

  • Internationally recognized certified ADOS-2 trainer, certified by Prof. Ann Le Couteur, Royal Aberdeed Children’s Hospital & Newcastle University, UK.
  • Certified in ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised) by Dr. Somer Bishop, STAR (Service, Training, Advocacy & Research) Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, University of California San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry, USA, additionally by Dr. Mandy Steiman, Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) Clinic, The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital), Canada.
  • Certified in ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2nd Edition) by Dr. Fiona Gullon-Scott, Spectrum Specialist Consultancy & University of Cambridge, UK.
  • Certified in BOSCC (Brief Observation of Social Communication Change) by Dr. Rebecca Grzadzinski, NewYork-Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain, Weill Cornell Medical College & Columbia University Medical Center, USA.
  • Certified in BOSA (Brief Observation of Symptoms of Autism) by Dr. Deanna Dow & Prof. Catherine Lord, University of California Los Angeles, Center for Autism Research and Treatment, USA.
  • Certified in STAT(Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers) by Dr. Wendy Stone, University of Washington Autism Center - Tacoma & Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Tennessee, USA.

Her professional work included: Psychiatry Departments of Medical University of Gdansk, Poland; Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit, Seattle Children’s Hospital, USA; Brain Center for Applied Learning Research Institute, Seattle Pacific University, USA; Edmonds School District, USA; Department of Psychiatry and Developmental, Psychotic and Geriatric Psychiatry Medical University of Gdańsk; Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University of Rzeszow; between 2017 and 2019 created and chaired the Neurodevelopmental Disorders & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Research Lab; between 2019 and 2021 created and chaired the Department of Psychiatry at College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow in Poland. 

Developed the Questionnaire for Autism Spectrum Conditions (Q-ASC by Attwood, Garnett, Rynkiewicz 2011) to identify gender-sensitive profiles of autism symptomatology. Co-authored Polish adaptation of STAT™. Created math scripts to TeachTown (USA), education software for children with special needs. Partnered in developing the integrated Internet-based environment for social inclusion of children with autism EmotiPlay within ASC-Inclusion project.

Recipient of the ENABLE Award 2014 in UK to the developer of new ICT to support disabled learners, the Diversity Travel Award by International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) in 2016, USA, the Award of Prof. Walczak Programme NAWA 2020. The INSAR Global Senior Leader for Poland


ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-9175-4937


We develop the assessments and programs to improve diagnosis, therapy and education in autism. We believe that properly conducted diagnostic process and therapy in autism based on the accepted standards and recommendations improve significantly the quality of life of individuals with autism (ASD). We train medical doctors and the other professionals who help ASD patients. We work with the leading clinical centers and the universities in the world updating and expanding knowledge on autism to improve diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


ADI-R and ADOS-2 standardized assessments - identifying the gender-sensitive profiles of autism symptomatology Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission 2020 - 2023. Project № #P006029

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Autism symptomatology in females and ADOS-2Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission 2017 - 2019. Project № P000698

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The integrated Internet-based environment for social inclusion of children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) created within the ASC-Inclusion project. Grant № 289021. It is the interactive therapeutic program to learn emotions expressed in three modalities: mimics, gestures and voice.


Polish version of the STAT - Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children). It is an interactive assessment used in screening of autism in children 24 to 36 months old (2-3 years).


A screening tool authored by Tony Attwood, Michelle Garnett, Agnieszka Rynkiewicz.

ASC-Inclusion project received funding from the European Commission, the Seventh Framework Program (FP, 2007-2013), grant No. 289021, Information and Communication Technologies, Goal ICT-2011.5.5: ICT for sustainable and personalized integration.


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