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Starting in October 2020, the ADOS-2 diagnosticians in Poland have free access to BOSA materials (Brief Observation of Symptoms of Autism) in Polish language which were prepared by Dr. Agnieszka Rynkiewicz from the Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Rzeszów University and Dr. Izabela Łucka from the Department of Developmental Psychiatry, Psychotic and Geriatric Disorders, Medical University of Gdańsk.

To access the BOSA training and materials in Polish language, please contact Making Better Measures: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Dr. Deanna Dow or Dr. Alison Holbrook, Lord Research Lab, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior, University of California Los Angeles, USA.


Brief description of BOSA:

During COVID-19 and the social distancing it is not appropriate to administer ADOS-2 via telehealth or when the parties involved are wearing face masks or face shields. ADOS-2 scores are not valid then. BOSA (Brief Observation of Symptoms of Autism) was developed by Lord and colleagues (2020) to fill the gap left by not being able to carry out a valid ADOS-2. BOSA relies on ADOS-2 codes thus only trained ADOS-2 diagnosticians with sufficient training and experience using ADOS-2 can administer BOSA.

BOSA provides a context of activities that can be presented by e.g., a parent or therapist. Diagnosticians familiar with the ADOS-2 can observe the BOSA live, through telehealth, or on recorded video and complete many of the ADOS-2 codes following the new developed scheme (Lord et al. 2020).

The publications presenting BOSA:

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2021 check here

Psychiatr Psychol Klin 2020; 20(3): 210–211 check here

Pediatr Pol 2020; 95(4): 241–243 check here

46th Polish Psychiatric Congress check here

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