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INSAR Agnieszka Rynkiewicz



We are pleased to inform that Dr. Rynkiewicz has been appointed to the INSAR Global Senior Leader for Poland.
Dr. Rynkiewicz is the first Polish scientist appointed by INSAR to this role.

The role of INSAR Global Senior Leader (GSL) is to:

  • serve as the point of contact for the INSAR Board of Directors about issues of national or international importance relating to autism research in a given country,
  • serve as a role model for autism research excellence in a given country,
  • increasing INSAR membership recruitment in a given country,
  • report to INSAR’s Board the Annual GSL Representative Report about the state of autism research in a given country,
  • foster a trans-national research culture that results in multi-center collaboration and team science approaches, and more.

For more information about INSAR and INSAR Global Senior Leaders click here.


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